Screen Locker for Windows. Temporarily lock or hide the desktop.
  • Can lock PC after a while and unlock the next day. Weekly schedule.
  • Blackout desktop, turn off the screen, put PC to sleep using hotkeys.
  • To protect your data use Windows Lock and BitLocker features aswell.
If you buy it in Microsoft Store or donate 15 USD you also get:
  • Passwords for additional users and password protected settings.
  • Change or hide the notification icon. App can ask the password to quit.
  • Lock by using command line args also while app is running. Logs.
  • More customizable lock screen appearance and opacity 68% to 100%
  • Automatic updates with both the portable and the store version.
  • Can lock on login without 5 seconds delay when installed from Store.

Download ScreenBlur 2.0.12 (released 11.03.2024, changes).